Philanthropy. Social. Hands-on. 

Celebrating 20 years of charitable giving and volunteering in Elmhurst!

EJWC is philanthropic in nature, but it has a social aspect as well. The goal of the Club is to assist other charities through fundraising efforts in addition to hands-on work. Over the years we have hosted major fundraisers such as the Elmhurst Kitchen Expedition and Tickled Pink. These two events have provided a core of funds allowing us to financially assist other organizations in need of our help. For more information on our past endeavors, check out our Gallery.

Join us for a Coffee Kick Off at Dan Wangler Home Builders
138 W. Park Avenue, Elmhurst 

11:00 a.m. 
Kick off the event with a cup of coffee and pick up your map of the houses. From here you will visit seven homes in Elmhurst with remarkable kitchens! Each has impactful style and purposeful design!

The following homes will be available to view:
370 W. Eggleston      369 W. Alexander      112 W. St. Charles Rd.       832 S. Colfax 
276 South Street     281 S. Arlington     382 S. Mitchell

Pre-sale tickets are available until March 30th for $35
or after April 1st for $40 
To purchase tickets 



Event Sponsor:Dan Wangler Builders

This event features florists and designers to include: Blossoms & Branches, Blossoms of Lombard, Carousel Gardens, Elmhurst Garden Club, Instinct Design Studio, Phillip's Flowers & Gifts, Shamrock Florist, Crate & Barrel, Kairos by Design, Kristin Petro Interiors, Pottery Barn, Scully Interiors, The Uptown Shop and West Elm

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MISSION:  To ENGAGE, EMPOWER and EMPLOY individuals affected by brain injury and stroke.  

That's a pretty powerful mission.  Why is it so important?
Imagine one day you wake up to find bright white lights shining in your eyes.  You try to sit up and find that you can't.  You try to speak but you have a tube in your mouth. You look around and find a nurse looking down at you.  She tells you that you've been in an accident.  You search your mind to find no memory of such a devastating event.  Surely you would remember.  Days go by.  Therapy. More therapy.  But slowly, you regain the ability to walk, to speak, to eat and return home.  Things have improved but still you have more to do.  Work, driving, those things are still out of grasp.   What now?

The truth is that this can happen to any of us.  It takes a split second for an accident to happen.  And sadly, strokes are on the rise.  1/3 of all strokes occur in individuals under the age of 60.  

I have been a speech therapist for 25 years now.  In that time, a lot has changed in the way of medical treatment.  Stroke centers, interventional procedures that remove clots, new medications, and ever improving trauma care. But very little has changed for those individuals and their families after they leave their rehabilitation programs.  Perhaps the media stories that traumatic brain injury was the "signature injury of the war in Iraq" shed a little light on the subject or maybe the passing of an NFL football player from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) caused a few to ponder more about the brain.  Sadly none of these horrible events change the persistent need for long term services that persist for so many.    It is not unusual to hear a survivor or their loved one ask "what now?"

The Clubhouse Model is one of the very few services that provide individuals hope, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be productive.   

So what now?  Call 877-932-1120 or email me at to find out how you can get involved. 
Benefiting Synapse House of Elmhurst
Empowering Brain Injury Survivors
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