Philanthropy. Social. Hands-on. 

Celebrating 20 years of charitable giving and volunteering in Elmhurst!

It's about giving back to the community we love.
EJWC is primarily philanthropic in nature, but it has a social aspect as well. The main goal of the Club is to assist other charities through fundraising efforts in addition to hands-on work. Over the years we have hosted major fundraisers such as the Elmhurst Kitchen Expedition and Tickled Pink. These two events have provided a core of funds allowing us to financially assist other organizations in need of our help. For more information on our past endeavors, check out our Gallery.

Along with our charitable efforts, we encourage a social side to our Club. With more than 50 women involved, activities are planned for families, couples and membership only (book club, fitness group, movie night). In addition to our community service goals, we are in this Club to help each other and make new friends. Members traditionally make meals upon the arrival of a new baby and are happy to help one another when otherwise needed. Club members are also a great resource for new information, ideas, professional referrals and networking opportunities.
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    EJWC is affiliated with the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) and the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs (IFWC). Elmhurst Junior Women's Club is part of the 5th District of the IFWC, which encompasses DuPage County and has 30 clubs, 12 of which are Junior clubs.
  2. Contact Us
    Our club meets on the second Monday of every month, September through May. Each year we have a large Spring fundraiser and honor our members year's good work with a May banquet. To learn more or attend a meeting email us at
  3. About GFWC
    Almost 6000 women, in about 200 clubs, throughout the state of Illinois have found fun and fellowship working together to improve their community and support charities and important causes.